The Dirty Knobs in Santa Barbara on 08/25/12

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Knobs in Santa Barbara on 08/25/12”

  1. Hey Gracie!I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mission, but didn’t make it over on this time around have you seen the photo I poetsd not too long ago from one of the archways there:Thanks for the awesome ideas! I love Mexican food so Check, that’s on the list and harbor cruise with YES PLEASE! And I’m totally down with budget-friendly hotels, but if I wanted to head on down to SB for an anniversary or something, do you have a cute B+B or something you’d suggest? Oh, and have you tried Tupelo Junction for breakfast? We hit up that place at about 10am and loved the blend it was like country-style but healthy!!! Cheers!

  2. It is difficult to find a decent hotel room in Santa Barbara for less than $300-400 a night during the tourist season but there are some nice private vacation rentals for half the price.

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